Trash is collected in Bay Village on Mondays and Fridays.  It should be placed on the curb in front of your house no later than 6 AM the day of pickup. If you can put trash out in the early morning, it's preferable: trash left overnight is invariably pulled open and is a source of insects, rodents, and litter.

Other quick tips on keeping our  'hood clean...

  • Separate bottles and cans that are redeemable for cash. Place them blue plastic bins (issued years ago) or clear bags so that pickers can easily identify and take what they are looking for.

  • Do not leave out items that won’t be picked up or which require special notification, like CRT television monitors or refrigerators.

  • Do not put household trash into neighborhood trash barrels.

  • Sweep up. You followed all the rules and someone else made a mess of your trash. Clean it up anyway. Why?  Because the City requires you to. Be a good neighbor, take care of where you live, whether you rent or own and whether you made the mess or not.

  • Offenders. Tell the BVNA or the City about trash issues by reporting to the city though the 311 service. BVNA will report trash issues to the City and ask that residences be ticketed. These tickets are now enforceable and will become liens on property. BVNA will also contact property owners and management companies and ask them to speak to tenants.


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