Once snow starts if you are a commercial or large residential property (six-plus units) owner, manager or renter you have 3 hours to remove snow from the sidewalks. If you are a residential property owner (less than 6 units), manager or renter you have 6 hours to remove snow from the sidewalks. Snow removal should cover a full paved width of the sidewalk or a minimum or 42" wide. Failure to remove snow will result in a fine of $50 to $150 and, each day that a violation exists will be treated as a separate and distinct violation and will be subject to a fine per day.

During City declared snow emergencies, all Bay Village residents can park for free at the 200 Stuart Street Garage, which we confirm via post on the NextDoor app. Vehicles must be removed from the garage within two (2) hours of the emergency ban being lifted or they will be subject to the standard parking rates. Vehicles may begin entering the participating parking facility two (2) hours prior to the declared emergency. 


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